Occidental Gypsy

“Occidental Gypsy has great singing, fantastic guitar and violin work, and high energy originals that leave the crowd crazy.
An awesome band.” -David Bromberg

"They perform with enormous heart and soul and have an original groove that is definitely worth checking out.” - Dr Lonnie Smith

“44070” – social justice inspiration with western gypsy sounds

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The track “44070/Song for Vrba,” has a multi-part arrangement that celebrates the story of Rudolph Vrba. Vrba and Alfred Wetzler escaped a concentration camp during WWII despite numerous obstacles and made their way to Budapest. Instead of going into hiding (the safest choice), Vrba and Wetzler went to the Jewish Council and told them of the atrocities and the thousands of murders occurring daily. It is estimated because of this, Vrba & Wetzler saved as many as 200,000 souls. 44070 was the number tattooed on Vrba’s arm.

“Children’s March” is an apology to the children harmed during the de-segregationists march that took place in Birmingham, 1963. This civil rights action marked a moment of great shame, and great change. Heroes continue to move among us. Give them your ear.

One Sheet


Gypsy Blues (She’s Back) 2:35
Composed by Scottie Kulman. arranged by Scottie Kulman & BL Feldman

A Day With Paula May 3:26
Composed by Brett Lee Feldman, arranged by BL Feldman & Eli Bishop

Messalina (Lover Lamb) 6:20
Composed by Brett Lee Feldman, arranged by BL Feldman & Eli Bishop
Featuring Guinness World Record Fastest clapper Eli Bishop read more

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