photo by Cliff Gerber
photo by Cliff Gerber


Occidental Gypsy at Me and Thee Coffeehouse, Marblehead, MA, Performance on November 13, 2015

… it takes only a few seconds to realize that these young men have achieved greatness in the mastering this sizzling Django Reinhardt-inspired, jazz/gypsy fusion. They are swift, confident, playful, and full of dynamics in their performance.

… Jeremy Frentz is one of their quick-fingered guitarist and he can also swing a tune vocally, and does so for about half of the tunes. The rest are instrumentals that zip by with the energy of two trains passing in opposite directions.

…Brett Feldman is the other amazing guitarist – he also handles the majority of the stage banter, creating a friendly and lively relationship with the audience.

…another wow factor in the group is the award winning fiddler, Eli Bishop, who also hold the Guinness World Book record for fastest hand clapper – I kid you not – we even get a demonstration.

…Erick the drummer switches from brushes to light sticks for “Douce Ambiance.” His touch is so sensitive on his small, but nice sounding, kit that not many percussionists could approach his skill level

… Before the break Brett convinces us that they have saved their best songs for the second set, and all I can think is, “Is that possible?” You’ll have to go see them to review those songs for yourself. Believe me, it is worth anything you have to pay.  – T Max. (Read full review here)